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History of Peninsula Hash Hash Harriettes

On Thursday 6th July 1978, 18 "ladies" met at a private house in Frankston for the first run of the Peninsula Ladies Hash House Harriettes. PLH3 was formed by several long suffering wives of Peninsula Hash House Harriers. They battled on through rain, hail, lightning, thunder, bitter cold and a washed out trail to complete Run No.1, and start a Thursday night tradition that lasts to this day.

Peninsula Hash House Harriettes Grand Mistresses Minimize

PLH3 Grand Mistresses

1978/79: Gale Pivetta & Carol Price

1979/80: Kathleen Williamson

1980/81: Rhonda Pretty

1981/82: Patsy Ramsay

1982/83: Barb "Skinny Rib" Finley

1983/84: Helen "H4" Hackett (Frame)

1984/85: Christa "Bubbles" Beesey

1985/86: Yvonne Adkin

1986/87: Leisje "Boobs" Cserny

1987/88: Maureen "Claws" Wilson

1988/89: Darien "Rambo" Thompson

1989/90: Christine "Hedgehog" Hodges

1990/91: Kerry "Gumtree" Mawhinney (Morgan)

1991/92: Judy "Minne Mouse" Forge

1992/93: Jenny "Parky Pussy" Wattie

1993/94: Enid "The General" Halton

1994/95: Sally "Black Tulip" Wormald

1995/96: Susan "Classic" Carlson

1996/97: Tania "Foxey" Beesey (Barrett)

1997/98: Cathy "Deep Heat" Tayler

1998/99: Hazel "Long Time" Cumming

1999/2000: Cora "Avalanche" Santvoort

2000/01: Katie "Two Sccops" Richardson

2001/02: Michaela "Mix" Bastille (Colston)

2002/03: Rachel "Duchess" Wain (Watts)

2003/04: Sharon "Blow Job" Mincher

2004/05: Linda "Seamen Feeder" Gordon

2005/06: Raeleigh "Member Minder" Speedie

2006/07: Robbie "Tumbleweed" Bennett

2007/08: Christa "Bubbles" Beesey

2008/09: Tracey "Bargain Box" Edwards

2009/10: Yvonne "Sexcapades" Santvoort

2010/11: Sandra "Tight Lips" Webb

2011/12: Faye "Poker Face" Hamilton

2012/13: Sally "Black Tulip" Wormald

2013/14: Fritz "Snowballs" Santvoort

2014/15: Joanne "Tight 'n Tender" Gardiner

2015/16: Neil "Sir N.O.B" Easton

2016/17: Kimberley "Cop Magnet" Copley

2017/18: Linda "Seamen Feeder" Gordon

2018/19: Margaret "Blood Sucka" Boyd

2019/20: Robbie "Tumbleweed" Bennett

2020/21 Raeleigh "Member Minder" Speedie

2021/22 Christine "Hedgehog" Hodges & Maureen "Claws" Wilson





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